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April 27, 2023

Richard Sauder, Ph.D.

The Long-Awaited Return: Underground Secrets, Hidden History, AI Control, and the Gathering Storm

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In this highly anticipated and thought-provoking interview, Dr. Richard Sauder makes a captivating return after a 13-year hiatus to share his life experiences in Ecuador and his ongoing research into the enigmatic world of underground bases and tunnels. Sauder opens up about his transformative journey, delving into his near-death experience with a shaman, the impact of living in a highly vaccinated urban area, and his personal struggles while coping with poverty and isolation. This conversation offers a rare glimpse into the life of a man who has dedicated himself to uncovering the truth behind the veils of our reality.

As we navigate through a wide range of topics, Sauder shares his insights on the increasing power of artificial intelligence and digital dictatorships, the manipulation of human history, and the intricate web of global criminal networks that exert covert control over our world. We discuss the potential dangers of nanotechnology in vaccines, the impending global crises of World War III and financial collapse, and the shocking revelation of a Secret Treaty that has shaped our world for generations.

Join us for this riveting and enlightening conversation with Dr. Richard Sauder, as we explore the hidden forces shaping our reality and discuss the potential implications of our rapidly evolving global landscape. As we face an uncertain future, it becomes increasingly important to challenge established narratives and seek the truth that lies beneath the surface.

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Dr. Richard Sauder is a renowned researcher, author, and speaker with a passion for exploring the mysteries of the world that lie beyond conventional understanding. Born in Virginia, Richard currently resides in Ecuador, where he has spent the last 13 years continuing his research and experiencing personal growth and transformation.

Richard's areas of interest span a wide range of subjects, including underground and underwater bases and tunnels, electronic mind control, Freedom Technology, UFOs, human prehistory, international politics, and Kundalini energy. His dedication to uncovering hidden truths has led him on a lifelong journey to challenge mainstream narratives and offer alternative perspectives.

Dr. Sauder is the author of several groundbreaking books, such as "Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files," "Underground Bases & Tunnels," and "Underwater and Underground Bases." In these works, Richard shares his extensive research and insights into the secretive world of underground and underwater facilities, as well as the forces that shape our reality. His thought-provoking ideas and expertise have made him a sought-after guest for interviews, lectures, and conferences worldwide.

In addition to his research and writing, Richard has had transformative personal experiences, including a near-death encounter with a shaman in the Amazon. He is also an advocate for alternative thought patterns and has delved into the exploration of Kundalini energy, which has informed his understanding of human consciousness and perception.

Richard Sauder's work continues to inspire those seeking to uncover hidden truths and question the world around them. As a pioneering figure in his field, he remains committed to shedding light on the mysteries that surround us and fostering a more profound understanding of our reality.

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