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May 25, 2023

Leo Evolves

Vox Populi: Escaping the Prison Plane-t: The Power of A Complicated Way of Life

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S y n o p s i s

"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" - Karma

Welcome to Vox Populi, where the people speak their truth. Tonight, we have a very special guest, a man who has been quietly listening to our show for a long time and has now decided to step into the spotlight to share his insights and experiences with us. He goes by the name Leo Evolves, and he has a unique perspective on life and what he calls "A Complicated Way of Life."

Leo believes that the highest purpose of life as a human is to attain maximum intellect possible, and he has developed a set of mental tools to help individuals achieve this purpose. He calls it the 3 Way Impact Principle, which helps people calculate the impact of their actions on their own highest purpose, on other people's highest purpose, and on nature. By putting this principle into practice, he believes one can reduce negative karma and control the vikarma generated in one's life.

Leo's philosophy is a kind of protest against the pain and misery that exist in the world. He believes that by living technically and addressing the root causes of problems, we can serve humanity over multiple lifetimes to come. He offers an approach to life that filters thoughts and actions using the 3WIP and aligns them with our conscience, which he believes is the real guide within us.

Leo's insights are valuable for anyone who wants to live an intentional and purposeful life, and his approach may offer a way out for those who understand the reality of existence. Join me in welcoming Leo Evolves to Vox Populi.

Get ready to hear from a visionary who has dedicated his life to unlocking the secrets of existence and navigating the complexities of the human experience. Stay with us, as we delve into the mind of this brilliant and enigmatic thinker, Leo Evolves, and explore the revolutionary concept of A Complicated Way of Life.

In the context of the interviewee's philosophy, the term "plane-t" is used to refer to the concept of life as a prison plane or plane of existence, in which individuals are subject to the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. The addition of the letter "t" is a deliberate misspelling, intended to convey the idea that this plane is both a physical and a mental construct, created by individuals' thoughts and actions. So, the use of the term "plane-t" is meant to emphasize the idea that the world we live in can be seen as a prison, and that our thoughts and actions can either help us transcend this prison or keep us trapped within it.

Escaping the Prison Plane-t: The Power of A Complicated Way of Life" is a title that captures the essence of the interview by highlighting the central message of A Complicated Way of Life (ACWOL) - to attain maximum intellect as possible to escape the negative cycle of karma and achieve the highest purpose of life as a human. The phrase "Prison Plane-t" emphasizes the concept that our existence is a form of imprisonment, where we are trapped in a closed system with its own set of rules and limitations.

The title also suggests that there is a way to break free from this prison through ACWOL, which provides a set of mental tools for individuals to navigate life's events and maintain their highest purpose. The word "Power" conveys the idea that ACWOL is not just a philosophical concept, but a practical approach that can empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives.

From Leo:


Like how whole of humanity can be categorised into 12 zodiacs, we can categorise all our actions into 3, based on the impact it can have. Under 3WIP you are actually calculating the impact any of your actions has on the HPL. According to ACWOL any action which wrongly affect the HPL is dangerous. By putting 3WIP into practice one can control the Vikarma generated, so that when Universe run you for Vikarma there will be none.

1. Before a Thought becomes an Action, one must calculate the impact it can have on one's own HPL.

For example, an individual who consumed alcohol. Its understood that alcohol make the sences to function improperly. If your sences are not at its finest functionality, you fail to recognise that, attaining maximum Intellect as possible is your HPL. In such a state, there's so much scope for potential Vikarma, because your Thoughts and Actions may not be analysed using 3WIP. You can validate this by studying crimes that are motivated by alcohol. For instance, murder of his girlfriend by Fidel Lopez.

According to ACWOL you cannot afford to have a 'state of mind' where 'attaining maximum Intellect as possible' is not your HPL. So the first rule of 3WIP is to discourage Thoughts and Actions that can affect one's own HPL, which is to always maintain a 'state of mind' where attaining 'maximum Intellect as possible' is the highest purpose or priority in life.

2. Before a Thought becomes Action, one must calculate the impact it can have on other people's HPL.

According to ACWOL one must not disturb somebody else's HPL. For example, if someone is an alcohol brand owner, that individual affects multiple other individuals' HPL by encouraging sales for profit even when aware of the potential wrong impact the product can cause. In such a case, that individual is indirectly or directly accountable for the damages. So the second rule of 3WIP is to entertain Thoughts and Actions that would encourage or motivate others to be in 'a state of mind' where 'attaining maximum Intellect as possible' as their HPL.

3. Before a Thought becomes Action, one must calculate the impact it can have on the nature.

For example, an individual who is a minerals mine owner is damaging the structures in nature there by causing imbalances in nature and its aspects like the weather etc. According to ACWOL, one must not entertain Thoughts and Actions that can cause imbalances in narure. You never know if you would reincarnate in an area affected by your own actions in a previous life-time.

One can reduce the generation of Vikarma by analysing Thoughts and Actions using 3WIP. Basically, Thoughts and Actions that passes the 3WIP test are the ones that are safe to be entertained. Usually people look into religions for guidance when the guide is within you. Its the Conscience that is in-built in everyone is the real guide. So, a person who adopted ACWOL filters Thoughts and Actions using 3WIP and then matches it with the directive Conscience provides.

This is a prison plane-t and its un-intelligent to not be aware of it, when all you have to do is to look around you as it is. The world is like a child's brain who is a victim of Adr*no**rome harvest. The amount of pain generated in this 'closed system' we call Earth is unfathomable. The fact that its so old and its going to last so long makes it unbelievably strange and scary. ACWOL may be a way out for those who understood the reality of Existence.

B i o

Leo is a philosopher and practitioner of a unique way of life that he believes to be the simplest and most efficient path towards achieving maximum intellectual potential. Originally from India, Leo is a longtime listener of Veritas Radio and has developed a set of four tools to help individuals achieve their highest purpose in life.

According to Leo, the highest purpose of life is to achieve maximum intellect, and he is passionate about sharing his ideas and helping others to live a fulfilling life by tapping into their full intellectual potential. His philosophy is based on the idea that by practicing these four tools, one can achieve a greater understanding of the world around them and live a more meaningful life.

Leo will share his unique perspective and discuss the potential benefits of his philosophy for listeners. With his engaging and thought-provoking approach, Leo promises to provide a fresh and insightful take on achieving maximum intellectual potential.

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