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June 15, 2023

Dr. Michael Salla

US Army Insider Missions: Space Arks, Underground Cities & ET Contact

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In this interview, we explore an extraordinary tale that started in July 2008, when Dr. Michael Salla received a phone call from a young man, known to us only as JP. Freshly returned from Brazil, JP recounted an encounter with humanoid extraterrestrials, the 'Nordics.' This incident was just the ignition of a journey that would stretch across 15 years and redefine the way we perceive our cosmos.

From conversations detailing JP's experiences on antigravity spacecraft belonging to either extraterrestrials or a Secret Space Program (SSP) of the US Air Force, to the discussion of classified missions involving ancient artifacts on Earth and in space, the interview uncovers layers of secrets hidden from everyday life. The narrative comes to life through the recounting of JP's induction into the US military, where he was given unprecedented access to SSP projects and continued his encounters with the enigmatic Nordics.

In this interview, we delve into Dr. Salla's conversations with JP and explore his involvement in numerous classified SSP missions during his ongoing service in the US Army. Serving with distinction, JP, to our knowledge, is the first active member of the US military given permission to share his experiences on these classified missions. His experiences challenge the boundaries of our knowledge, opening a window into the vast, captivating universe that remains largely unexplored.

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Dr. Michael Salla is an internationally recognized scholar in international politics, conflict resolution and U.S. foreign policy. He has held academic appointments in the School of International Service & the Center for Global Peace, American University, Washington DC (1996-2004); the Department of Political Science, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia (1994-96); and the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University, Washington D.C., (2002). He has a Ph.D in Government from the University of Queensland, Australia. During his academic career he was author/editor of four books focusing on international politics. He has conducted research and fieldwork in ethnic conflicts involving East Timor, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Sri Lanka. He has been awarded significant financial grants from the United States Institute of Peace and the Ford Foundation for peacemaking initiatives involving mid-to-high level participants from the East Timor conflict. Dr. Salla is more popularly known as a pioneer in the development of "exopolitics", the study of the main actors, institutions and political processes associated with extraterrestrial life. He wrote the first published book on "exopolitics" in 2004. He authored two additional exopolitics books in 2009 and early 2013. He is Founder of the Exopolitics Institute, and the Exopolitics Journal, and Co-Organizer of the Earth Transformation series of conferences in Hawaii (2006-2011). He is also the news anchor of ExoNews.TV a popular Youtube channel.

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US Army Insider Missions: Space Arks, Underground Cities & ET Contact

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