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September 21, 2023

Ana Toledo, J.D.

The Hidden War: A Supreme Court Attorney Exposes the Reality of Targeted Individuals

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Tonight, we delve into a world that many find hard to believe - world where innocent Americans find themselves targeted by their own government, subjected to covert surveillance, harassment, and even torture. Our guest is Ana Toledo, a distinguished attorney and board member of Targeted Justice, an organization fighting for the rights of these targeted individuals.

Ana is not just an advocate; she's a survivor. With a legal career spanning decades, she has been admitted to several prestigious courts, including the Puerto Rico Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. But her accolades came at a price. Ana became a targeted individual over 20 years ago while fighting for environmental justice in Puerto Rico. Tonight, she's here to pull back the curtain on a clandestine program that's not just a conspiracy theory but a grim reality for countless Americans.

The Dark Underbelly:

We'll explore the Terrorist Screening Database, a list that was intended to keep America safe but has morphed into a tool for unjust persecution. Ana will shed light on how this database is being misused to include innocent citizens, denying them basic rights and subjecting them to horrifying experiences - ranging from organized stalking to microwave attacks via directed energy weapons.

The Puerto Rican Connection:

And for those of you who think this is just a mainland issue, think again. Both Ana and I share a deep connection with Puerto Rico, an island paradise that has its own dark underbelly of corruption and injustice. We'll discuss how the political landscape of Puerto Rico has influenced Ana's work and what it reveals about the broader issue of targeted individuals.

The Human Element:

But this is not just an expose; it's a human story. Ana will share her personal journey, the emotional toll, and the impact on her family and relationships. She'll also discuss her ongoing legal battles, offering a glimpse into the challenges of fighting an almost invisible enemy.

The Call to Action:

So, if you've ever questioned the extent to which power can be abused, or if you've ever wondered how safe you really are in a country that prides itself on freedom and justice, you cannot afford to miss this interview.

Tonight, we're not just sharing a story; we're sounding an alarm - call to action for every American who believes in justice, freedom, and the right to live without fear.

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Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Ana Toledo is a distinguished attorney with a wealth of experience in both environmental law and civil rights. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College in New York City, a Juris Doctor from the University of Puerto Rico Law School, and a Master of Environmental Law from Vermont Law School.
Legal Achievements

Legal Career:

Ana was admitted to the Puerto Rico Supreme Court in 1993, followed by several other prestigious admissions including the U.S. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, and most recently, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas in 2023. Her legal journey also led her to become a licensed Real Estate Agent in Puerto Rico and a Notary admitted by the Puerto Rico Supreme Court.

Advocacy and Activism:

Ana's calling transcends the courtroom. Over 20 years ago, she found her mission in organizing and representing environmental justice communities in Puerto Rico. Her work in this area was not without its challenges; it made her a targeted individual, subjecting her to covert harassment and surveillance. Rather than deterring her, these experiences fueled her resolve to fight for those who find themselves similarly targeted.

Targeted Justice:

Today, Ana serves as a board member for Targeted Justice, an organization committed to advocating for individuals who have been unjustly targeted by clandestine government programs. She has been instrumental in shedding light on the misuse of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) and its implications for innocent Americans. Her advocacy extends to legal action, including a groundbreaking lawsuit against the federal government.

A Voice for the Voiceless:

Ana Toledo is not just an attorney; she is a voice for the voiceless, a beacon of hope for those who find themselves in the dark corridors of governmental overreach. Her work serves as a stark reminder that the fight for justice is far from over, and that each one of us can play a part in it.


Admitted to the Puerto Rico Supreme Court: 1993
Admitted to the U.S. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico: 1996
Admitted to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit: 2000
Admitted as a Notary, Puerto Rico Supreme Court: 1999
Puerto Rico Licensed Real Estate Agent: 2013


B.A., Columbia College, New York City
J.D., University of Puerto Rico Law School
M.S. in Environmental Law, Vermont Law School

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