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October 5, 2023

Samuel Chong

The Thiaoouba Prophecy: Extraterrestrial Insights from Abduction to Enlightenment

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Tonight, we journey beyond the familiar horizons of our world, venturing into realms that challenge our perceptions and expand our understanding of the universe. Our special guest, Samuel Chong, stands at the nexus of this exploration. While many of us are content with the known, Samuel has dedicated himself to bridging the gap between the profound mysteries of the cosmos and our everyday reality. The story we're about to delve into is not just another tale of distant planets and advanced civilizations. It's a narrative that touches the very core of our existence. Imagine a place, a golden-hued planet named Thiaoouba, where beings of immense wisdom and understanding reside. These golden-skinned entities, transcending our conventional modes of communication, converse through the silent, yet profound language of telepathy. Their insights, derived from eons of evolution and understanding, offer a perspective on life, spirituality, and the nature of existence that few on Earth have ever contemplated. Samuel, in his unique role, has been instrumental in bringing this narrative to the forefront. His work goes beyond mere translation; it's about capturing the essence, the emotions, and the profound wisdom embedded in this tale. As we engage in conversation with him, we'll seek to understand the intricacies of this cosmic message. What challenges did he face in translating such profound knowledge? How has this journey impacted his personal and spiritual outlook? And most importantly, what can we, as a collective, learn from the teachings and experiences shared by the inhabitants of Thiaoouba? In a world often dominated by the noise of the mundane, tonight we invite you to pause, reflect, and open your minds to the possibilities that lie beyond our earthly confines. Whether you're a skeptic, a believer, or somewhere in between, the insights and discussions tonight promise to offer a fresh perspective, challenging and enriching your worldview.

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Samuel Chong stands out not just as an interpreter or a translator, but as a cultural ambassador. His skills in court interpretation and Chinese translation are well recognized. However, it is his passion for books and their messages that sets him apart.

In 2016 and 2018, Chong took significant trips to meet Michel Desmarquet, the acclaimed author of "Thiaoouba Prophecy". This visit wasn't just about appreciation; Chong took it upon himself to orchestrate the Chinese publication of Desmarquet's groundbreaking book. His efforts bore fruit, with the book enjoying the distinction of being a best-seller in both China and Taiwan. Such achievements, especially with foreign literature, are few and far between, making his contribution noteworthy.

Chong's appetite for impactful literature didn't end there. He embarked on another significant project - translating "334 ? Lies: The Revelation of H. M. v. Stuhl". This autobiography offered insights into the life and experiences of the High Master of the Chair from a clandestine society that took roots in Germany. The weight and significance of the text spoke to Chong, pushing him to ensure that the Chinese readership had access to its depths.

Today, Chong's focus has shifted slightly but retains its core essence. He passionately promotes the messages contained in the books he has championed. His intent? To infuse hope in readers and foster a vision of a better world. His commitment is further demonstrated through his scholarship initiative, which can be explored in detail at

Samuel Chong's academic credentials speak of a man well-versed in the intricacies of economics and finance. A proud alumnus of UC Berkeley, he earned his BA in Economics. His academic journey took him to Spain, where he pursued an MA in Financial Analysis from the prestigious Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Yet, for all his travels and endeavors, Chong chose Los Angeles, California, as his home. It's here that he continues to work, translate, and share messages of hope with a global audience. His life is an embodiment of bridging gaps, be it through language, culture, or literary works.

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