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December 14, 2023

Patricia Cori

Navigating Turbulent Times: A Beacon of Hope in the Chaos of Today's World

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Tonight, we're set to embark on an uplifting and insightful journey with the renowned author and visionary, Patricia Cori. In a world increasingly shadowed by stress, fear, and anxiety, Cori offers a beacon of hope and enlightenment, guiding us through these turbulent times with her profound understanding and spiritual acumen.

Our conversation will navigate the crucial balance between staying informed about world events and maintaining personal well-being. We'll explore Cori's perspective on how to remain resilient and positive, even as we confront the complexities of today's world challenges.

Delving into the realms of consciousness and the power of the human spirit, we'll discuss with Cori the importance of awakening to our higher potential in these critical times. Her insights on the transformative power of collective thought and action promise to be both inspiring and empowering.

Cori's unique viewpoint on the relationship between human consciousness and world events will offer us a fresh perspective on how we, as individuals and as a collective, can navigate and influence the course of our future.

In a world where misinformation and manipulation are rampant, Patricia Cori will share her wisdom on discerning truth and fostering a more enlightened approach to consuming and interpreting the vast array of information that bombards us daily.

Join us for an evening of deep reflection and uplifting dialogue with Patricia Cori, as she helps us navigate the stormy seas of our current world situation with grace, wisdom, and hope. This enlightening conversation promises not only to provide clarity and understanding but also to inspire us to become agents of positive change in our own lives and in the wider world.

B i o

Hailing from the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, Patricia Cori has been a steadfast devotee of the Spirit Movement since its inception in the early 1970s. Her extraordinary clairvoyant talents have been the bedrock of her lifelong commitment to healing and support work. Patricia's journey has been one of profound exploration, delving deep into the realms of mysticism, philosophy, ancient civilizations, metaphysical healing, spirituality, and even the mysteries of extraterrestrial life.

In her role as a global educator and mentor, Patricia has been instrumental in helping countless individuals tap into their innate healing abilities, liberate themselves from unresolved emotional baggage and self-imposed limitations, and align with the elevated frequencies of our celestial realm in its ascension. At the forefront of her pioneering efforts lies her groundbreaking work in preparing humanity for the awakening, focusing on the healing and activation of DNA?the essential key to preserving our divine, godly blueprint, often referred to as the "God Code."

In 1983, following profound spiritual guidance, Patricia embarked on a transformative journey to Rome, driven by a unique mission?to metaphorically "pierce the lead dome." Today, she calls the enchanting Azores Islands in Portugal home, a place she believes holds the echoes of the fabled land of Atlantis. Patricia is an esteemed luminary within the Spirit and Truth communities, widely recognized on the global lecture circuit. Her international courses, seminars, and workshops are a testament to her profound connection with Higher Knowledge and the profound guidance of the luminous beings who channel their wisdom through her.

About the Channel:
Since her initial encounter with crop circles in 1996, Patricia has been an active conduit for the Speakers of the Sirian High Council. She continues to share their wisdom through her lectures and transcriptions, offering profound insights to all those who seek enlightenment and guidance from these celestial messengers.

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