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February 8, 2024

John & Bonnie Mitchell

Silent Frequencies: Exposing the Covert World of Sonic Manipulation and Mind Control in Media

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S y n o p s i s

Tonight, we venture into the hidden depths of the media's most clandestine practices - sonic manipulation and mind control. We're joined by Veritas veterans, John and Bonnie Mitchell, who have dedicated their lives to uncovering these veiled technologies.

The journey begins with John's unsettling discovery of secret sonic weapons embedded in a popular movie. This revelation opens the door to a world where infrasound and ultrasound are not mere scientific phenomena, but tools for covert influence and harm. We'll delve into the intricacies of a mysterious wave file, an apparent breadcrumb in the larger scheme of media manipulation.

Bonnie, with her wealth of experience, sheds light on the alarming health effects associated with these hidden frequencies. Drawing parallels to the notorious Havana Syndrome, she reveals how deep the roots of these technologies run, entwined within the fabric of our daily media consumption.

In the second hour, we shift our focus to the broader implications. How are these technologies being used en masse? What ethical lines are being crossed? We'll explore the controversial intersection of science, health, and media control, discussing potential tests on vaccinated individuals and the ethical implications therein.

The Mitchells will guide us through a labyrinth of mind control tactics in modern media - from predictive programming to MK Ultra. Their insights offer a stark reminder of the psychological impacts on society, particularly on younger generations.

As we conclude this riveting session, John and Bonnie offer a powerful call to awareness and action. In a world where the truth is often cloaked in layers of manipulation, we aim to peel back these layers, urging you to question, understand, and ultimately protect yourself from the unseen forces shaping our perceptions.

Join us for this eye-opening exploration, as we uncover the silent frequencies that resonate through our media, and learn to discern the truth hidden in plain sight.

Links to videos discussed during the interview:

AwakenVideo - Leave the World Behind: Sonic Weapon Explained

Forbidden Knowledge TV - Hidden Mind Control Audio Files Found in Netflix's Leave the World Behind

Forbidden Knowledge TV - Leave the World Behind: Sonic Weapon Explained

B i o

After retiring from distinguished careers in the United States Merchant Marines, John Mitchell and his devoted partner, Bonnie Jean Mitchell, embarked on a mission that would reshape their lives and illuminate hidden truths. Together, they founded, a platform dedicated to unveiling the secrets and disinformation perpetuated by the clandestine forces within the government. Their journey led them to delve into the intricate world of mind control techniques imposed upon the unsuspecting masses. In 2012, John and Bonnie unveiled the unsettling reality of Digital Mnemonic Mind Control through their research.

Bonnie Jean Mitchell, a luminary in her own right, stands as the visionary founder of She is a multifaceted researcher, accomplished author, and a lifelong contactee with extraterrestrial entities. For over two decades, Bonnie has provided guidance and solace to individuals navigating the enigmatic realms of paranormal and metaphysical experiences. Her literary contributions include the insightful books "Journey with the Star People" and "The Shift: A lifetime of Contact Leading to Higher Consciousness."

In 2014, John and Bonnie made the daring choice to leave the United States, setting their course for Uruguay in South America. Today, their focus remains steadfastly fixed on the spiritual battle being waged as humanity seeks a transformative paradigm shift in consciousness. You are invited to join their thought-provoking Awakenvideo Livestream, hosted on Rumble, every Friday night at 6pm EST, where they continue to shed light on vital issues shaping our world.

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