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April 11, 2024

Patrick Wood

Technocracy Rising: AI's Role in Shaping a New World Order

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S y n o p s i s

In a world where artificial intelligence is not just evolving, but exploding into our lives, humanity stands at the edge of an unprecedented revolution. The year 2024 marks the dawn of an era where AI, from Anthropic's Claude 3 to Google's Gemini, challenges the very essence of human intellect, promising or threatening to usher in the age of Artificial General Intelligence. This pivotal moment could redefine power, privacy, and freedom as we know them.

Enter the arena, Patrick Wood, a vigilant sentinel in the struggle against a rising technocracy. His penetrating analysis of elite global policies and the relentless push for a "New International Economic Order" have illuminated the shadowy corridors where technology and autocratic governance converge. With the world as his chessboard, Wood deciphers the moves of the technocratic elite, laying bare their ambition to harness AI not as a tool for human advancement, but as a mechanism of control.

As AI companies leap from obscurity, armed with technologies that blur the lines between the silicon mind and the human soul, the battle lines are drawn. The race to AGI is not just a sprint for scientific achievement; it's a marathon for the soul of humanity.

This is not a future painted in the shades of science fiction; it's the reality knocking on our doors, a reality where our most profound hopes and darkest fears about AI intertwine. The question of who will control this emergent power - be it for the benefit of all or the gain of the few?hangs in the balance.

Prepare for a deep dive into the heart of these critical issues, where every revelation peels back a layer of the complex world we're stepping into. This is a conversation that goes beyond the surface, exploring the intricate interplay between innovation, governance, and individual liberty in the face of an AI-powered future.

B i o

Patrick Wood is a visionary, author, lecturer, defender of freedom, and the preeminent scholar on elite globalization policies. Since the late 1970s, his pioneering research has delved into the intricacies of global elite networks, beginning with his collaboration with the late Antony C. Sutton on the seminal works, Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II. These foundational texts laid bare the ambitions and operations of the elitist Trilateral Commission in crafting their vision of a "New International Economic Order."

An economist by training, Wood?s expertise transcends the conventional boundaries of financial analysis. As a prolific writer and dedicated American Constitutionalist, his work is imbued with a profound reverence for Biblical principles, offering unparalleled historical insights into the ceaseless assaults on sovereignty, property rights, and personal freedom. These incursions are most notably manifested through the adoption of controversial U.N. policies such as Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, and the pervasive integration of Common Core State Standards in education.

Wood's authority on the subject of Sustainable Development and the Green Economy is unmatched. He is recognized globally for his critical examination of the Trilateral Commission?s strategies and their pivotal role in propelling Sustainable Development to the forefront of global policy. His landmark publication, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015), further cements his status as a visionary thought leader, meticulously documenting the transition towards a Scientific Dictatorship through the lenses of Technocracy, Transhumanism, and Scientism.

Beyond his written contributions, Patrick Wood is a dynamic and compelling speaker, frequently invited to share his knowledge and insights on radio shows and public forums across the nation. His ongoing research continues to expose the hegemony of the Trilateral Commission and its profound impact on global economics, politics, and religion, illuminating the paths through which contemporary society may be unwittingly advancing towards a technocratic dystopia.

Through his dedication to exposing the undercurrents shaping our world, Patrick Wood stands as a beacon of enlightenment, urging vigilance and resilience in the face of burgeoning technocratic governance. His work not only educates but also empowers individuals to reclaim the principles of sovereignty, property rights, and personal freedom that are the hallmarks of a truly free society.

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