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May 16, 2024

Dr. Elizabeth Weiss

Bones of Contention: Science, Censorship, and the Battle Over Our Ancient Heritage

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Tonight, we step into the charged arena of conspiracy and controversy with Professor Elizabeth Weiss, whose fearless inquiry into the past challenges the narratives set by modern gatekeepers of history. As a vanguard in the study of human skeletal remains, her work has not only enriched our understanding of human development but has also exposed her to the battleground where identity politics and science collide.

Why are certain truths about our ancient history being obscured or ignored? Why is legislation like NAGPRA, originally intended to respect and reconcile, being used to shut down academic inquiry? Weiss argues that these measures, while championing cultural sensitivity, may also be facilitating a form of historical censorship under the guise of political correctness.

As she gears up to release her explosive book, "On the Warpath: My Battles with Indians, Pretendians, and Woke Warriors," prepare to delve into a discussion that rips the veil off the powers dictating what parts of our past are remembered and which are concealed. Join us for a captivating conversation that's bound to challenge everything you thought you knew about the intersection of politics, science, and our shared history.

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Dr. Elizabeth Weiss is a distinguished figure in the realm of physical anthropology, having dedicated her career to the meticulous analysis of human skeletal remains. As a professor at San Jose State University, Prof. Weiss curated one of the largest collections of skeletal remains in the United States, making significant contributions to our understanding of human history and evolution.

Despite her remarkable achievements, Dr. Weiss faced adversity when she became the target of a cancel culture campaign. Undeterred, she took a stand, challenging the status quo and fighting for academic freedom and open inquiry within the field of anthropology. Her unwavering commitment to intellectual integrity has led her to critique the transformation of anthropology from a scientific discipline into an ideological battleground.

Dr. Weiss's scholarly contributions extend beyond the classroom, as evidenced by her authorship of numerous books and articles. From the scholarly depths of "Reading the Bones: Activity, Biology, and Culture" to the thought-provoking exploration of "Repatriation and Erasing the Past" (co-authored with James W. Springer), her work spans a wide range of topics and audiences, from academic journals to popular science magazines.

Her insights have garnered attention on both national and international platforms, with features in prestigious publications such as the New York Times, Science, and USA Today. Dr. Weiss has also been sought after for her perspectives on major news networks like Fox News and Newsmax.

Currently, Prof. Weiss serves as a faculty fellow at the Heterodox Academy's Center for Academic Pluralism in New York City, where she continues to advocate for intellectual diversity and rigorous scholarship. She also holds a position of influence as a board member of the National Association of Scholars.

As she prepares to release her upcoming book, "On the Warpath: My Battles with Indians, Pretendians, and Woke Warriors," Dr. Weiss remains dedicated to challenging prevailing narratives and fostering meaningful dialogue within academia and beyond.

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On the Warpath: My Battles With Indians, Pretendians, and Woke Warriors

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